About Me


I’m Cyndi hutchison

My name is Cyndi, and I am a former educator turned proofreader. I had been in education for seventeen years. There came a point when I felt my time there was finished and I needed a change. I have always had a great love of literature, and teaching grammar was always a very satisfying task. Since I am one of those people who cringe when I see errors in writing, proofreading just seemed like a natural choice for me.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Christian school education from Nazarene Bible College. Recently I completed an intense online program, General Proofreading: Theory & Practice. Those credentials were given to me through Proofread Anywhere.

Besides my proofreading business, I also have a home baking business. I sell cakes and cupcakes from my kitchen to friends, and friends of friends. When I am not baking or proofreading, I love spending time with my husband and son. We enjoy playing games, watching movies, and attending sporting events together.

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”

– Robert Kennedy

My Skills

Besides my academic credentials, I am also proficient in using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and iAnnotate. I have background experience in retail management, which includes Barnes & Noble. I have excellent communication and organizational skills. I am a person of integrity who also has a strong growth mindset. This ensures that I am always striving to learn more about my craft so that I can strengthen my skills further.